Keys To A Better Healthier Life

Keys To Better Health

Make sure you drink enough pH balanced alkaline water daily, and stop eating the meats of animals, chickens, birds, fish, and all the other creeping crawly things.

Start eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, grains, berries, and other plant based foods. Also drink healthy organic plant based milks, goats milk, eat goat cheeses, yogurts and kefir sweetened with fruit juice, honey, maple syrup, or raw organic sugar are good for you too.

However, do not eat foods sweetened with processed white sugar, agave, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners.
Also, do not use regular table salt, instead use unrefined sea salt.

Do not eat foods made with bleached flour, instead use whole grain flours and sprouted grain flours.

All Natural Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

Taking daily plant based Multi-vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium and extra Vitamin D3 supplements strengthens the immune system, and reduces depression and anxiety. Make sure the vitamin and mineral supplements you take are from reputable companies, the highest quality, and preferably all natural and plant based versions.

Exercise Regularly and Prioritize Rest

Consistent moderate to intense exercise boosts the effectiveness of vitamins and mineral supplements, significantly reduces inflammation, and helps the immune cells regenerate more efficiently.

Moderate exercise every 5 to 7 days will make you feel better, lower stress, strengthen the bones and cardiovascular health.

Also, get outside and get direct sunlight exposure for 1 hour or more every 7 days.

More Keys To A Healthier Life


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