Bleached White Flour vs Whole Grain Flour

While most everyone knows that bleached white flour is not healthy. It is the bleaching agent, itself that creates a dangerous chemical byproduct called alloxan, that when eaten over time, creates “enormous amounts of free radicals” in pancreatic, putting yourself at risk for diabetes and other aliments.

Also, because Enriched Bleached Wheat Flour is stripped of most of its nutrients, what’s left is a simple carbohydrate that quickly converts to sugar in the body, that then causes insulin spikes and increased weight gain in the form of fat.

While the flour may say “Enriched” or “Fortified,” some or all of these added nutrients are the synthetic forms, which don’t necessarily behave the same in the body as the natural forms.

Don’t Be Fooled by the “Whole Wheat” Label, when you buy “whole grains,” breads and cereals, you may be eating refined flour with just the wheat germ and bran added back in. make sure the label say “Whole Grain” flour, instead of just “Whole Wheat”.

So toss out those processed bleached flour foods, and start eating foods with unbleached flour, sprouted grain flour, whole grain flour, and more organic verified foods, to regain better health.

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