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Bleached White Flour vs Whole Grain Flour

While most everyone knows that bleached white flour is not healthy. It is the bleaching agent, itself that creates a dangerous chemical byproduct called alloxan, that when eaten over time, creates “enormous amounts of free radicals” in pancreatic, putting yourself at risk for diabetes and other aliments. Also, because Enriched Bleached Wheat Flour is stripped […]


Foods For Better Physical And Mental Health

Foods To Eat Fresh fruits, vegetables nuts, herbs, berries, seaweed Plant based foods Goats milk, Goat milk kefir Unbleached flours, Whole grain flours, Sprouted grain flours, organic corn flour Maple syrup, organic raw cane sugar, honey, stevia Unprocessed sea salt Alkaline water, mineral water, kefir water 4 Foods To Avoid All animal meats, fish, and […]